1. Write

Which sentence accurately describes what you are in to right now? And which #hashtags match?

2. Discover

Other users' flunx match up with your flunx. Which one appeals to you? Click and ping!

3. Chat

Ping?! Now you are chatting with the user behind the flunx. Is your chat fun and your chat partner interesting?

4. Favorites

Then click on the Hello icon and become favorites.

For your specific questions, please visit the Flunx Knowledge Base.

A flunx is a combination of text and hashtags. A flunx is a spontaneous expression of your current interests.

  • Every one of your flunx is online for 3 hours and will then automatically be removed from the network.
  • A flunx that was online will automatically be moved into your earlier flunx. The earlier flunx are archived only on your smartphone. You can edit them anytime and re-post them.
  • Up to 3 of your flunx can be online at the same time.
  • Hit shows you the flunx of other users that match yours.

A hashtag is a word prefixed with the hash character (#), for example #flunx. Hashtags allow the Flunx servers to present to you matching flunx from other users under hit. You can add hashtags directly to your text. At least one hashtag has to be added to the hashtag box below the text area.

The operation and development costs of Flunx are financed by way of the in-app purchase at the end of three months (no subscription).

Large internet companies may offer their technologies for free, but they are continuously observing your usage, in order to make money by selling your data. The Flunx GmbH’s business model does not include trading data. In other words – at Flunx you are not the product!

Yes. For registration you only need a valid email address and a public name (nickname or real name). If you introduce yourself in the chat to the other user by clicking on the icon I am, he or she can only see your public name.

You can find further FAQ on the subject of privacy and security here.

Instant messaging apps require that you already know your chat partner. With the Flunx app users can remain anonymous, but still find each other via themes and interests.

In the chat they can introduce themselves by clicking on the icon I am and thus become favorites. Then they can interact directly with one another.

With the keep function you can copy the chosen chat line using your finger (hold) into your keep list. This way you can keep those things that you find important. When you use the keep function your chat partner will be able to see this.

Yes, Flunx Areas  can be used for all types of events and permanently. In this case organizers (firms) and all event participants greatly benefit from additional functions. Further information is available from www.flunxareas.com.

You can find further FAQ on the subject of privacy and security here.